Parkman Bandstand Series US Map & Phone & Address

Parkman Bandstand Series US Map & Phone & Address

Boston Common; (617) 578-8727 This venerable old bandstand in the middle of Boston Common is the site of free concerts every Friday at 5:30 P.M. through the summer. Light classical, jazz, and old-time popular music can all be heard. These are usually followed at 7:30 by concerts featuring local jazz and pop groups, also free.

Striar JCC Concerts in the Courtyard

445 Central St, Stoughton; (617) 341-2016

On Thursday nights throughout the summer, the Striar Jewish Community Center treats you to live outdoor music. Gather at the picnic area beginning at 6 P.M.; a barbecue dinner is available at low cost, or bring your own grub. The concerts themselves start at 6:45. Folk, rock, and country music are featured here, as well as children’s concerts, and all of these are free of charge. The JCC also sponsors movies, concerts, and lectures during the year. Some are cheap, some aren’t; call for details.

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