Pasta Del Palato US Map & Phone & Address

Pasta Del Palato US Map & Phone & Address

• 579 Washington St. Brighton;(617) 782-7274 Fresh rolled pasta in Oak Square? Believe it! In this clean, spare kitchen, yards and yards of noodles are spun out in all kinds of innovative flavors. Among the buyers are Rocco’s, in the Back Bay, and Uva in Brighton both of which are known for their fancy cooking, and fancy prices.

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Here, for $3, you can get a pound of egg, spinach, or tomato pasta, cut into any of four thicknesses: angel hair, linguine, tagliatelle, and fet-tucine. For $6 a pound (you can order by the half pound), you get into the more exotic varieties. Lemon, ginger, chipotle, scallion, and roasted garlic are just some of these pungent pastas. Unfortunately, depending on how much of each has been prepared on a given day, your first choices may be gone by the time you get there. PDP sells fresh sauces, too.

Open weekdays only, from 9 am. to 6 P.M.

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