ROSExpress US Map & Phone & Address

ROSExpress US Map & Phone & Address

• 186 South St. Boston; (617) 695-2999 Here’s a flower deal that may not seem cheap in price or in style. That’s why it’s a bargain. For $29.99, you can buy a dozen long-stemmed (three foot!) roses, boxed and gift wrapped; that’s a decent price. But, for an additional $3-$5, you can then have these delivered by a driver dressed to the nines in a full tuxedo. When you figure this all together, it’s a way to really impress someone without going into debt.

Part of a nationwide chain, ROSExpress specializes in high-qual-ity gifts and service. Their roses are flown in daily, directly from growers in Central and South America. Over a dozen color varieties are available, from Royalty red to Sterling Silver lavender to Cream Ariana white. You can also order a single red rose ($5), a bud vase with one rose ($8), or a chocolate rose ($3.50 each, $36 a dozen).

The company is pioneering the delivery side of the business in other ways, too. They offer guaranteed delivery, within 24 hours, of a dozen roses anywhere in the country for $49.99; these are shipped in special boxes, lined by hand with styrofoam to keep the flowers fresh. Oh yes, and they even have a “Frequent Flower” credit program. Gotta love it.

Though they do some walk-up business, this is primarily a telephone service; call anytime from 9 a.m. to 6 PM. Monday through Friday, and from 8 am. to 2 P.M. on Saturday.

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