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This basilica, built in an external zone along the Augustan walls, next to the three-celled tomb on the S and two cemeterial enclosures on the E, is generally recognized as the early Christian cathedral of Concordia; Chromatius’s sermon does not confirm, but neither does it explicitly exclude, the identification of the basilica he dedicated with the cathedral, and recent archaeological data seem to support this identification. In any case, it is a cemeterial cathedral built in an area of necropolises, which raises a whole series of problems and hypotheses: nevertheless the funerary use of the area does not seem to exclude here, as elsewhere, the episcopal function of the basilica, dedicated with the sacred deposition of the relics according to a rite that was used increasingly from the time of Ambrose on. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of the sanctus vir consecrated as the first bishop by Chromatius, and we have only a few names of his successors. Attila’s invasion in 452 and the flood of 589, lamented by Paul the Deacon, struck a mortal blow to the city’s prosperity; after the Longobard occupation 615618, the episcopal see was transferred to Caorle, under Byzantine rule.

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I, Deganawidah, and the Union Lords, now uproot Philadelphia Metro Map the tallest pine tree and into the cavity thereby made we cast all weapons of war. Into Philadelphia Metro Map the depths of the earth, down into the deep under-earth currents of water flowing to unknown regions we cast all the weapons of strife. We bury them from sight and we plant again the tree. Thus shall the Great Peace be established and hostilities shall no longer be known between the Five Nations but peace to the United People. Laws of Adoption 66. The father of a child of great comeliness, learning, ability or specially loved because of some circumstance may, at the will of the child’s clan, select a name from his own (the father’s) clan and bestow it by ceremony, such as is provided. This naming shall be only temporary and shall be called, A name hung about the neck.

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