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3920 Sharon Rd. 704/817-7009,

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Sun. 1-5 P.M.

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It’s common to find the owner’s dog, Marley, greeting shoppers who come into the boutique in search of designer fashions. Marley is not likely to offer up his opinion on the Nanette Lepore dress or BCBG slacks you’re considering, but he does represent the vibe of the boutique: gorgeous but accessible. The original Scout & Molly’s opened in Raleigh (and was named after the owners’ Labrador retrievers, who also act as greeters at the boutique). Megan Orell Tee was granted licensing rights to open her own City store in 2008. Though the designer clothing and accessories tend to be on the expensive side, Tee has made an effort to incorporate pieces that are both beautiful and affordable.

Now Returned my distressed aprehensions of the place where I was Phoenix Metro Map : the dolesome woods, my Company next to none, Going I knew not whither, and Phoenix Metro Map encompased wth Terrifying darkness; The least of which was enough to startle a more Masculine courage. Added to which the Reflections, as in the afternoon of ye day that my Call was very Questionable, wch till then I had not so Prudently as I ought considered. Now, coming to ye foot of a hill, I found great difficulty in ascending; But being got to the Top, was there amply recompenced with the friendly Appearance of the Kind Conductress of the night, Just then Advancing above the Horisontall Line. The Raptures wch the Sight of that fair Planett produced in mee, caused mee, for the Moment, to forgett my present wearyness and past toils; and Inspir’d me for most of the remaining way with very divirting tho’ts, some of which, with the other Occurances of the day, I reserved to note down when I should come to my Stage. My tho’ts on the sight of the moon were to this purpose: Fair Cynthia, all the Homage that I may Unto a Creature, unto thee I pay; In Lonesome woods to meet so kind a guide, To Mee’s more worth than all the world beside. Some Joy I felt just now, when safe got or’e Yon Surly River to this Rugged shore, Deeming Rough welcomes from these clownish Trees, Better than Lodgings wth Nereidees.

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