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Pocahontas, whose real name is Matoaka, is taken and held hostage by the English at Jamestown in retaliation for the capture of Englishmen by her Algonquin tribesmen. Katowice Subway Map John Smith claims that Pocahontas saved his life by intervening with her father, the powerful chief Powhatan, in 1607. While a prisoner, she agrees to marry John Rolfe, perhaps to serve her father’s interests by using the marriage to forge an alliance with the English. She becomes a Christian, takes a Biblical name (Rebecca), and travels with Rolfe to England, where she dies as she is preparing to return to Country.

Her life is an example of one of the critical gender roles both European and Native Country women played during the colonial period that of being given in marriage to seal strategic political, military, and business relationships pursued by male family members. 16201621 In an effort to encourage the men of Jamestown to settle down and make them more serious about their profit-generating work, the Virginia Company sends more than 150 women for them to marry. Many of these women are widows or orphans who have little prospect of a secure and happy life without a marriage to a man with property, and they have been recruited because they are healthy and used to hard work. The men of the colony pay the expense of their passage by giving the ships’ captains 150 pounds of choice tobacco. For the most part, the women go to work with their husbands on the outlying tobacco farms.

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