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201 W. Worthington Ave. 704/332-3731

HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10 A.M.-4 P.M. Sat.-Sun. by appointment

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You don’t have to watch too many shows on HGTV to learn one of the cardinal rules of design: Lighting matters. The Abode showroom features an impressive selection of things that light up, from lamps and lanterns to sconces and chandeliers. There are a few over-the-top pieces (think sparkling chandeliers that seem more suited to a hotel lobby than a home), but the collection tends to favor streamlined and chic fixtures. Check out the lamps made from architectural remnants. Who knew old tools and salvaged gates could be transformed into gorgeous lighting?

A considerable part of what is to be done for our Nepal Map Children, I pray, Masters, think, as we go along; Think, without our Nepal Map particular inculcation, whether nothing. This may be done for your Servants: and, God make Eliezers of them for you! Attend Now to the Counsils of God I. Parents, Consider the Condition of your Children; and the loud cry of their Condition unto you, to Endeavour their Salvation! What an Army of powerful Thoughts, do at once now show themselves, to beseige your Hearts, and subdue them unto a just care for the Salvation of your Children! Know you not, that your Children have precious and Immortal Souls within them? They are not all Flesh. You that are the Parents of their Flesh, must know, That your Children have Spirits also, whereof you are told, in Hebrews. 12:9. God is the Father of them; and in Ecclesiastes.

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