Pig n Whistle Diner US Map & Phone & Address

226 North Beacon St. Brighton; (617) 254-8058

Yet another true diner shines in All-ston-Brighton. The Pig n Whistle is a cozy little place in the classic diner-car shape, paneled in stainless steel and looking like it’s been around forever. Inside, the folks are friendly, the lighting is warm, and the food is basic diner fare.

Daily specials are the best bargains. For $4.50, how about a plate of sliced roast lamb in brown gravy, along with real mashed potatoes and a cooked vegetable or, for $5.50, baked stuffed schrod with the trimmings. A huge bowl of homemade beef stew is $3.90.

Lunch specials include such choices as a grilled ham steak sandwich ($4.95), which comes with a small drink, soup or potatoes, and a vegetable.

You can, of course, get sandwiches and burgers, omelettes, and other breakfast specials, salads, and desserts. Oh, and the coffee is great, too. Open from 5 am. to 7:30 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays.

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