Roxanne Garner tour guide to Australia New Zealand

Hey my name is Roxanne gana.

I’m from Auckland in New ZealAnd I’m a tour leader with overseas adventure travel very typical Kiwi family we were not very wealthy we had a nice loving home we were very much into sports as you are in New Zealand education in New Zealand is really really good. So you go through the system, and you learn a lot you experience a lot, and then you go on to other things.

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I live here in Sydney between the two cultures in Australia New Zealand is vast, it’s absolutely vast when Australians their uniqueness is really from their background of convicts of a lot more hardship coming into into this country. So their humor is huge very out there happy people full of laughter going over to New Zealand the uniqueness of New ZealAnd I guess is in our culture our Maori culture.

Because of my background with the cultural side in New Zealand you know becoming engaged in the culture here in Australia. I think. I have a really good understanding be it the European side or the cultural side that the Maori side or Aboriginal side, and certainly.

I want to share that with with the passengers that. I have. So they’re not just looking at it they’re looking in it involved in it, it’s very hard to capture the colors of the essence of the of the outback in Australia walking around is rock guru early early in the morning when the sun’s coming up, and you can hear the birds, and you see the colors, and in New Zealand, it’s green, and it’s you know rolling hills, and it’s sheep, and deer, and you know all those sorts of things.

So you know both of them are stunning you.

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