Safety Tips For Traveling To Ecuador


You can use chemical treatments to prevent bites.

You could spray the surrounding area, killing any mosquitoes present.

At the same time, drain or fill in any pools of stagnant water in the area to deny breeding grounds for new generations of mosquitoes.
You could spray your house, mosquito net, patio, even clothing (depending on the spray being used -check the instructions) to deter them.
You could apply special creams and sprays to yourself, concentrating on any exposed skin
When using chemicals, be warned that they are quite strong. Abroad, you may be using a product from a questionable source where quality control and safety may not be the highest consideration.

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Take local advice about which products work – but ask hotel staff, not the shopkeeper who wants to sell you the most expensive thing he has got.

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Always read the can, bottle or packet before buying and before use.

Always read and strictly follow any instructions given.
If there are no instructions, don’t buy the product.
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Do not eat, drink or breathe mosquito poison or repellents and do not get them in your eyes or in open wounds.

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When using a new product, test it on a small area of fairly sensitive skin, such as the inside of your forearm, following the instructions on the packet. Wait to see if there is any reaction. If there is – don’t use it. If not. try using it on all exposed skin.

Only apply repellent on bare skin. Do not apply it to skin that will be covered with clothes. (Sometimes clothes rub and make the skin sore. If you have repellent on the skin and on your clothes, the rubbing action will grind the repellent chemicals into your sore skin.

Be wary of applying repellent to your forehead. You don’t want perspiration to carry it into your eyes.

When you have applied the repellent, wash your hands thoroughly.
Never touch your eyes or food until you have washed your hands thoroughly using soap and water and then fully dried them using a clean towel
Though some reports suggest that taking vitamin B1 will stop a mosquito from biting you, other reports claim vitamin B1 makes no difference. Your choice!
Some people claim that smoking will deter mosquitoes. That may work on the smell principle, but I have seen no research to prove the theory.
Finally. I am told that mosquitoes don’t like Marmite. Apparently people who eat Marmite (the yeast-based savoury spread) seem to become unattractive’ to mosquitoes!

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Injuries and Illness

When abroad, be very wary of disease and injury. In extreme climatic conditions, a small scratch that you wouldn’t give a second thought to in the UK could very quickly deteriorate to a state where it needs urgent medical attention and could even become life-threatening if left untreated.

Injury and illness – countermeasures

Before you leave the UK make sure that you have had all of the vaccinations that are recommended for your holiday destination.
When you pack, include a basic medical kit, so that you can clean and dress minor wounds to keep infection and infestation at bay.
Before travelling to remote places, seek expert advice on the medical supplies to take.
Take advice about local threats to your health, such as dangers from swimming in rivers and lakes, snakes, scorpions, wild animals, blood-sucking insects, etc.

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If you are injured, treat the wound immediately. A small cut in a hot climate can become infected.

The same cut in a cold climate can be just as dangerous. You might not be able to feel the pain that tells you that you have been injured. A small cut in sub-zero temperatures can lead to the loss of a finger or a hand.

If you are bitten, scratched, stung or even sunburned, seek medical advice and treatment. Be safe, not sorry.

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If you do seek local advice, make a note of what they say when they treat you. Though they have treated you there may be complications or the treatment may be wrong or need to be continued at home. Get whoever treats you to write down what caused the injury, the diagnosis, the recommended treatment and any treatment given.

If you need to see your doctor back home, this should be enough information for him to understand what has been done, and decide what he should do. Just the name of the species of plant, snake or insect that caused the problem can be a great help.

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