San Diego Map and Travel Guide

San Diego Map and Travel Guide

San Diego – USS Midway Museum

This post in San Diego we’re checking out the USS Midway. The USS Midway has a lot of history because it is the US Navy’s longest serving carrier of the 20th century. Okay so right now I am up on the flight deck, this is where planes and helicopters would take off from the ship. All right ready for take off. This fighter jet was part of the first air combat victory of the Vietnam war.

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It’s hard to believe that a fighter jet can take off from the top of a ship but that’s what the USS Midway was built for. I mean this flight deck is four acres. It’s massive. It’s huge. If you like aircraft and you’re an aircraft enthusiast, then this is a well worth tour.

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These planes are cool but I want to see what it’s like to fly one myself in the flight simulator. Whoa. Whoa! Whoa! I lost my breath a few times. That was wild. I had so much fun exploring the USS Midway today. This ship is ginormous, so big that I’m exhausted and seeing as how I found the sailors sleeping quarters, I’m going to grab a little shut eye.

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San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is really incredible. They have over 3,000 creatures in here. Between all the buses and trams, it’s super easy to get around the zoo. It’s funny, I learned hippos can’t swim, they actually just walk along the bottom. You can see him up above and also down below. There’s all kinds of cool fish in here, too. It looks like a African elephant. Oh my gosh! Those ones are kissing over there! I had a really good day today. I got to spend some time with the wildlife, what an incredible day! Giddy up!.

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park

This post we’re taking a walk on the wild side at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Let’s go! Wow, this is a big place! They have over 3500 rare and exotic animals here. What makes this park unique is that the animals get to roam around freely in their vast . Hi. Oh, oh they’re so cute! I just pet a rhino but it was cool. It was cool to feel it. They’re like dinosaurs.

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I’m the same size as a baby giraffe, five feet tall. Oh, look at that tongue! – On the Safari Tour we’ve got to see all sorts of giraffes, and free with species, and antelope, and all sorts of other animals that were just really cool, and you never get to see them up that close anywhere else in the zoo. It’s just so awesome! – In just a couple of minutes, we’ll see the cheetah racing down this path up to 70 miles an hour. Whoa! – I had a really good day today. I got to spend some time with the wildlife, and I really feel like I got to travel to the African Serengeti or the endless expanses of the Asian Plains. What an incredible day! .

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