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Consecrated by Jacob Baradaeus. A disciple of John Philoponus, whose tritheist approach he shared. He distinguished three hypostases and three perfectly equal natures in the Trinity. After having defended his teacher, in the reign of Justin II 565–577, in a debate before John, patriarch of Constantinople, he later condemned him for doctrinal divergences on the resurrection of the flesh, and wrote an Invective against him Photius, cod. 24; Nic. Call. HE 18, 49. He maintained the destruction of the form, but not the matter, of human bodies after the resurrection, while Philoponus preached the destruction of form and matter and the creation of new glorious bodies. From Conon derived the Cononite sect, which lasted until the early 8th c.

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In April, Governor Sloughter convenes a new legislature, which San Diego Map Tourist Attractions issues a declaration of “Rights and Priviledges” for New York. Because of its expansive interpretation of the San Diego Map Tourist Attractions legislature’s powers, the document will be disallowed by the Lords of Trade in 1696. Later in the summer, Sloughter dies. He is replaced the following year by Benjamin Fletcher, who also is an avid anti-Leislerian. His administration is a corrupt one, marked by bribery, embezzlement from customs revenue, and Fletcher’s profiteering from trade with Native Countrys. 1693 The Ministry Act provides for public support of the Anglican Church in four New York counties, an initiative that arouses the antipathy of the numerous members of the Dutch Reformed congregations. 1696 To stem Dutch discontent, Governor Fletcher issues a charter of incorporation to the Dutch Reformed ministers, which effectively places that denomination alongside the Anglicans as the colony’s “established” church.

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