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New York Conspiracy. See Great Negro Plot of 1741. Seattle Map Tourist Attractions New York Slave Revolt of 1741. See Great Negro Plot of 1741. O Ohio Company. Seattle Map Tourist Attractions A land company formed in 1748 by investors from Virginia to sell Ohio Country land to settlers.

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Cities, particularly in the West, are increasingly removed from the means of production upon which urban lifestyles depend. Products of mass manufacture appear as branded commodities with little reference to their origins. The trend to offshoring craft work offers a more transparent relation between city and village where the back-story’ of how an object is produced contributes to its final value. It is a creative challenge for designers and artisans to keep alive the dialogue between city and village.


This chapter is based on a keynote lecture A Race to the Top: Transnational Collaborations in Craft and Design’ presented at Collaboration in Experimental Design Research conference COFA August (2010) and is closely based on Murray (2010). Thanks to Elizabeth Grierson for valuable comments.

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