Sebasticook Lake

Key Species: largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white perch, pickerel, cusk, crappie

Best Way to Fish: boat, canoe, bank

Best Time to Fish: May through September

MAG: 22, A-2

Description: This 4,288-acre lake is managed for warmwater species. Once polluted, the lake has bounced back and now provides good fishing. A prehistoric fish weir, recently discovered at this site, is one of the oldest signs of human habitation in the country. Anglers fish from boats or canoes and from the shore. Special regulations include an extended open water season from October 1 through November 30, during which all trout, lake trout, landlocked salmon, and bass must be released alive at once. Newport offers motels, and there is a campground on U.S. Route 2, just west of town.

Fishing index: Numerous points and inlets provide good holding spots for largemouth bass. Anglers using large golden shiners take largemouths by hooking the shiner through both lips and slowly drifting it on the bottom at the mouths of inlets. Plastic worms are effective along the shorelines. Try brightly colored worms with sparkle added to the body; the water here is often murky, and brighter lures are more likely to attract bass.

The rocky eastern shoreline is perfect for smallmouth bass. Use night crawlers, drifted on the bottom. Be sure to hook the crawler near the head in order to present a more lifelike appearance. Lead-head jigs with white, yellow, or green plastic bodies are effective here, as are small spinnerbaits. In May and early June, anglers fishing from the bridge and roadside catch white perch and crappie on worms, night crawlers, and small minnows. At this site, the author’s favorite bait is a small minnow, fished on bottom. If you do not get an immediate hit, slowly bring the minnow back by gently lifting the rod and reeling in the slack. When you feel a bite, give slack line and when the line tightens up, strike the fish.

This is a popular spot in the evening, so come early in order to find a good location. This is also a good opportunity to share fishing techniques with other anglers. The narrow section on the side of the bridge opposite the main body of the lake is surrounded by marshlands and is a perfect place to cast plastic worms for largemouth bass from a canoe. A gravel boat ramp is located just past Durham Bridge, on the left.

The middle and north end of the lake has the deepest water and is a good place to take white perch on the bottom in summer. Use worms and small lead-head jigs. A Swedish Pimple is effective here if you tip the hook with a bit of worm or minnow.

Directions: In Newport, look for a small park on Maine Route 7 and 11, next to the

American Legion hall. The park offers benches and a concrete boat ramp.

For more information: Contact the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Fish and Wildlife Headquarters in Sydney.

In May, this shoreline at Sebasticook Lake is lined with anglers fishing for spawning white perch. Note the rocky ledge extending into the lake in the center of the photo. This is a prime spot for bass and crappie.

Sebasticook Lake Photo Gallery

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