Sights and Attractions in Cologne


Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Church of St. Andrew; Roman Tower (50 AD); Great St. Mary in Kupfergasse; St. Kolumba; Town Hall; St. Heribert; Festival Hall; Theater; Opera House; Hahnen Gate; Church of the Apostles; Church of the Antonine Order; St. Cacilien; Klein St. Martin; St. Mary in the Capitol; Overstol-zen House; St. Mauritius; St. Maria Lyskirchen; Malakoff Tower; Church of the Holy Trinity; St. George; St. Pantaleon; St. John the Baptist; Church of Distress; Church of the Franciscan Order; Our Lady at Peace; Ulre Gate; Church of the Carthusian Orden St. Severin; Bayen Tower; Bott Mill; Severin Gate.

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