The Size & Cost Considerations Of Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are quite an important equipment for doing different tasks. Belt sanders are quite fast and tough and so they are used in such tasks which require quick surface leveling or removing actions. Belt sanders are generally used in the leveling of surfacing tasks, scrapping paints from the surfacing, scribing and freehand shaping or smoothing rough surface.

A belt sander is quite a fast equipment as compared to the vibrating or orbiting sanders and can speed up the tasks that would take hours with other sanders. But choosing the right type of belt sander is also not an easy task as they come in a number of sizes and shapes.

Type, Speed & Size of the Belt Sander:

There are a number of points that you need to consider before purchasing a belt sander and the type, speed and size comes at first. The size of the belt sander is generally measured by the width of the belt to the length of the belt in inches. The standard belt sander size is 3 inches by 21 inches of belts.

These sanders are sturdy and tough enough so that you can easily use them in congested and tight spaces like inside the cabinet. Moreover, these belt sanders are light in weight too so that they can be used comfortably on walls and ceilings.

Some more powerful belt sanders come in the sizes of 3 or 4 inches in width and 24 inches in length. These sanders are much stronger and powerful and can weigh 16 to 17 pounds. Such belt sanders are made for large and complex jobs that require much power to operate such as doing hardwood flooring or removing large amounts of stock in a short time.

Some of the sanders also come with a dust collection bag and is excellent for collecting dust on the workspace but still you need to wear dust mask. These dust bags also require you to clean them on a regular basis for effective working.

Price of Belt Sander:

Belt sanders can vary in prices depending upon its size and power. Normally a small belt size sander can range between $70 and $100. If you look for more features in the sander, the higher the price will get. The choice is totally yours whether you want a sander with more features or you want a cheap model.

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