South African Food Eating Cape Town

Tonight we’re going to a home hosted dinner, and we visit a local person’s home we have dinner with them make their families experience their lifestyle, and eat the local foods, and learn about their life here firsthand, and that’s really fun for the men of mule that will be part chicken.

South African Food Eating Cape Town Photo Gallery

So changing onion, and peppers, and elevator fresh cream, and the English, and also to sautéed cabbage, and cauliflower, and green beans, and some butternut squash, and just delightful interaction, it’s one of the special things that. I think Grant circle does, and enjoy mm yeah. This is apple crumble scene but some custard like.

This is a wonderful experience to be in somebody’s home again is wonderful but the thing. I enjoyed say y’all that we’re having fun in the market, and get the fun is bargaining. So we’re getting to do some of that right mark we can spend a lot of money here oh wow every woman’s dream everything for a price, and you can bargain, it’s gonna be hard to leave.

We’ve made some wonderful friends, and it’s been. So much fun, and we kind of hate to see it in oh good just to you know have the Indian Ocean to our the East, and the Atlantic Ocean to the the West that’s just gorgeous a kaleidoscope of experience evidence that the nation has become as Nelson Mandela envisioned or rainbow nation at peace with itself you.

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