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By autumn, half of the original settlers were dead, and those who remained quarreled continuously. South Sudan Map Tourist Attractions Governor Dale, in an effort to contain the conflict, hanged, shot, or broke men on the wheel as punishment for crimes. John Smith also wrote that there was no talke, no hope, nor worke, but dig gold, wash gold, refine gold, load gold.

The foolishness of the men caused Smith to impose strict order and to demand work in exchange for food. It was during this first winter that Pocahontas brought food to the starving settlers, helping them survive. When the second expedition finally arrived, just after the New Year, it again brought more gentlemen and several goldsmiths, much to the horror of John Smith. Two women also arrived, Mistresse Forest [Forrest] and Anne Buras [Burroughs], her maide.

Mistress Forrest soon married John Layden in a church wedding. Their child, Jamestown’s first, was born the next year. They named their daughter Virginia. A third expedition once more brought gentlemen, a few tradesmen, some soldiers, and more women, many of whom arrived sick and exhausted. Unfortunately, many had died en route to Jamestown; fever had killed adults, as well as infants born during the voyage. Only a few sheep and goats survived the crossing, and John Smith, once again angered by the company’s ignorance, wrote:

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