St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop US Map & Phone & Address

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop US Map & Phone & Address

• 1280 Washington St, Boston;(617) 542-0883

• 50 Prospect St. Cambridge; (617) 547-6924

• 4244 Franklin St, Lawrence; (508) 689-2625

• 701 Merrimack St, Lowell; (508) 453-7750

• 11-13 Market Square, Lynn; (617) 598-6606

• 173 Washington St, Plainville; (508)695-5150

• 18 Canton St. Stoughton; (617) 341-4455

When Mine first wrote up this chain, he’d seen only the older, rather dingy Boston and Cambridge branches. Alas, he had yet to discover the main store and distribution center in Stoughton, as big and spotless as a department store; meanwhile, the other branches have recently gotten a facelift

SVDP receives over ten million pounds (!) of donations annually clothing, jewelry, housewares, and furniture both used and new. Furthermore, they have adopted a new “one price fits all” system for clothes: Men’s suits, for example new or used will cost $10. Any women’s ensemble is $5. Sweaters are $3, jeans $4 you get the idea.

But don’t go thinking these are faded old duds. Many charitable donations come from well-known manufacturers and stores. Recently, a whole rack of brand-new, first-quality Harris Tweed sportcoats sold for $20 each. Overstock linens have come in directly from Bed and Bath. Meanwhile, a batch of secondhand bridal gowns went (quickly) at $10 apiece.

High-quality used furniture may include a five-piece mahogany bedroom ensemble for $1,000, easily worth twice as much new. Other pieces in the “Furniture Outlet” section may need refinishing, but they’re steals even if you pay someone to do it. In fact, some branches have hosted classes in this art!

All donations are divided evenly between the seven stores; Stoughton, Boston, Plainville, and Lawrence are the largest. Discounted bulk purchases can also be arranged; ask for a tour of the 70,000-square foot Stoughton warehouse. Open weekdays.

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