Surrey And Its Delights

Surrey And Its Delights

Surrey is a county that lies in the sovereign state of UK. It is just a stone’s throw from London and offers quite a few unique attractions to make traveling to Surrey a part of your holiday. Surrey has a long and checkered history and you can see this in its:
• Culture.
• Architecture.
• The monuments.
• Food and drink.

• Contributions to literature, music and so on.

Where else would you find Martians’ (in Woking) and mansions rubbing shoulders with each other!

Guildford Cathedral

This Anglican Cathedral dates back to 1936 and has carved glass works that are a must-see. Its very unique garden is aimed at helping people deal with loss. Its towers have 12 bells and a gilded angel that moves with the direction of the wind.

The Sculpture Park

This idyllic place is fabulous to walk through and every time you visit it, you will get to see different sculptures! There are also quite a large number of birds and you could keep your eyes peeled to spot a dove or some other exotic avian species.

Sumptuous fare
There are some amazing eateries in Surrey and you should explore as many as you can. Afternoon tea, for instance is such a lovely tradition here and you can sink your teeth and senses into succulent fare such as:
• Scones.
• Jams.
• Pastries.

• Sandwiches and so on.

If you want to unwind even more while you are on a Surrey sojourn, you can order your favorite tipple with an alcohol delivery London service too.


Surrey offers you great vistas for family fun. Take a boat down the river or go paintballing or even delight in treetop adventures – there is plenty to choose from while you are here.

The Palace and Houses
Just like its neighbor – London – Surrey also has a magnificent palace or two! The Hampton Court Palace is one place you should go to. There are also some historic houses here:
• Loseley Park.
• Hatchlands Park.

• Polesdon Lacey and so on.

There is also a quaint artist’s village that is part of the Watts Gallery. Feast your eyes on some amazing sculptures and paintings here.

Natural splendor
Surrey is home to so many beautiful things and one such thing’ is the natural beauty found all over. Whether you visit the British Wildlife Center or the Bocketts Farm Park or the Surrey Hills Area, you will be able to fill your lungs with fresh air and your heart with sublime memories.

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