Taveuni Palms Resort

Taveuni Palms Resort

Shut your eyes and go to your happy place… It’ll probably look a lot like this. Taveuni Palms Resort is the pinnacle of all-inclusive boutique luxury, and there’s no skimping on style here: substantial beachfront villas (of which there are only three) with polished wooden foors are peppered between swaying coconut trees.

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A string of staf (butler, chef, maids) will adhere to your every whim and want. Fiercely private, come here for post-wedding restoration. Wow factor = 10.

Taveuni Palms Resort

It’s impossible to visit this magical country and not get involved in a traditional kava ceremony. The roots of the local kava plant are used to make a drink – you will be offered the option of ‘high-tide’ or ‘low-tide’. Don’t get confused: this is simply either a full cup or a half cup!

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