Safety Tips For Traveling To Belize

Plan your activities to avoid the strongest sunshine, taking into account location, season, the time of day, weather conditions and the task to be done.

Buy and wear a broad-brimmed hat to protect your head and the back of your neck from the sun.

Cover your skin with loose and lightweight clothing, long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Any covering will offer some protection from the sun. Loose lightweight clothes will protect you without making you too hot.

Be aware that some clothes are designed to allow UVB to pass through so that the wearer can still ‘get a tan’.

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Open-mesh fabrics and any clothing with a loose weave will tend to allow some radiation to pass through, so you will still burn. Try any new clothing before you rely on it to protect you for longer periods.

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Buy a good-quality sun cream, with a high protection factor. About half an hour before exposure to the sun, apply it to all exposed skin, not forgetting ears, nose, back of the neck and elbows. Any exposed skin is likely to burn.

• Anyone participating in outdoor activities (surfing, swimming or other sports) should be aware that sunscreen is likely to be washed off, worn off or be affected by perspiration. Be particularly careful about re-applying the sunscreen to maintain good protection.

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After swimming, jet-skiing, surfing, etc. you should get out of the sun or dry off with a towel. Full sun on wet skin will burn the skin in a very short while.

Mountaineers and glider pilots or others who reach higher altitudes must realise that the level of solar radiation present increases with altitude. The higher you climb the stronger the radiation and the quicker you will burn. Protect particularly the back of the neck and the nose.

• If you begin to feel any effects of the sun, your skin is telling you to go into the shade and away from any UV radiation. By the time you start to feel uncomfortable, your skin has already been damaged’.

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