THE BEST MUSEUM IN US US Map & Phone & Address

THE BEST MUSEUM IN US US Map & Phone & Address

There are dozens and dozens of museums in the Boston area. The biggest of them are charging up to $6 or $7 admission these days, which can really add up for a family or group. Mine wants to bring several to your attention which are free, very inexpensive, or have special free programs once you’ve paid your regular admission. Remember, to receive student or senior citizen discounts, you must show a valid ID!

Of course, Mine firmly believes that all museums are bargains. Consider how many treasures you can see, for the price of a movie! If you really enjoy a particular museum, by the way, consider becoming a member. This usually gets you free admission anytime, including perhaps your family, for the price of a couple of visits. It’s a money-saver, and it helps out your beloved institution as well.

The Art Complex Museum

189 Alden St, Duxbury; (617) 934-6634

Not far from beautiful Duxbury beach, the Art Complex Museum has a wonderful permanent collection of Shaker furniture, European and American prints, American paintings, and Asian art which includes a traditional teahouse in the museum’s Japanese garden. The Wind in the Pines Hut is open on Sundays during the summer only, with a public tea ceremony at 2 p.M. on the last Sunday of each month.

The ACM also offers Sunday afternoon concerts of classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music. In an effort to promote emerging talent, the museum often features rising local musicians. Concerts are at 4 p.m.; call for a schedule. What does one pay for all this art and culture? Nothing! That’s right admission to the Art Complex is free. Open Wednesdays through Sundays from 1 P.M. to 4 PM.

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