The Best Steaks in Buenos Aires Argentina

Hello from Buenos Aires. Today, we have a slightly different post because I’m here with Sam and Audrey behind the camera. Here’s Kristin as well. As you see, it’s about food. Because, these guys are doing same stuff like we did here in South America. Traveling around but also focusing on food. So, this is why we’re here. Sam, what is this? Sam: This is super exciting times. We’re having Buenos Aires steak. This city is known for its steak and we’re getting the Bife de Chorizo, one of the best cuts. What goes well together with beef isSam: Of course, wine. And wine especially. So these two Argentinian special things we need to try. So, on this blog you see today, the meat part. Sam: And on our blog, it’s going to be the wine. And we’re going to continue that wine taste test in our apartment after this meal. But first, we feast here. Sam: Yes. This place is called Parilla Peña and it’s a local grill house. And it’s really nearby Teatro Colón in Recoletta. So, we’ve ordered portions of Bife de Chorizo, and that’s this piece right here. And on top of that, you get your tenderloin, which is and that meat is even softer because that muscle just doesn’t move. But we’re going for the more affordable one. Another really typical thing here in Argentina is empanadas.

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This is how we start. Sam: This one has corn and cheese. Oh, it’s good! I couldn’t even wait to start eating this. The main star of the meal here is, of course, the Bife de Chorizo. And that’s a thick cut of steak. Then over here, we have the chimichurri, which is a classic sauce they use here in Argentina for steak. And it has a lot of garlic in it, a lot of different herbs and other spices, and olive oil base. And last but not least, we have the complete salad here. And the best part about the salad is beet root. There’s a generous amount of beet root in here. It’s also got eggs. It’s got lettuce, tomato, all kinds of different stuff. So, we’ve got a feast to enjoy here and it’s time to dig in. This is really good meat. What would be your rating?

It’s the best. Sam: This is my favorite place in Buenos Aires, so I’m giving it. And you? I might have to agree, just because that chimichurri was so amazing. We made it to Las Cabras, Palermo, where we have the Bife de las Cabras. This is pumpkin puree, rice, we have pepper, we have grilled onion, we have cheese, we have fried egg, we have French fries, and of course, we have the beef. Sam: And that’s just for one person. That’s just for one person, and we are four persons having this. Sam: It’s like having a buffet feast with steak. It’s a great value meal. It’s only pesos, which is about $ for this amount of food. And I’d like to point out when we ordered this, Steve said, “It’s only going to be this big. ” Sam: I would say it’s a. Steve:. ? Sam: Yeah. I agree with Sam. It’s a straight. So, we gotSam: Queso y membrillo So, this will be our dessert. And next course? Oh, it’s over there! The wine. As I said, this is the end of this post. So, you need to check out Sam and Audrey’s blog for the wine tasting. Head over there, comment to their blog, and see how we get drunk there. And don’t forget, if you haven’t already done it, comment to this blog.

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