Tin Pa Pa Min From Rangoon Tour Guide to Burma

In Baba my name is de Papa me. I’m from Rangoon bummer. I’m an allergy trip leader for the program called the land of golden pagodas, and the floating gardens.

Tin Pa Pa Min From Rangoon Tour Guide to Burma Photo Gallery

I’m from young go Ringu actually. I grew up in a countryside with my mom, and dad in the middle nature animals. I have left, and with the socialist government, and the military regime as well as now we are in the we have presidents, and the country became the republic of union of former the country was kept down from the rest of the world it was isolated for more than years to a socialist government that’s closed off all of it.

So it was like we had not much things you know in our home but we were happy it normally Burmese people were happy with the little they have in their home. So it was we had let’s say peaceful like until military regimes came up with the these Detailers shape, and everything you will see lots of big odors, and temples where people are going every day to the temples the governors, and then helping each other that’s the way we were trained. So people help people all those temples.

Because that we have in our country the very those were built by the people. So they spent almost all of their money. So generous friendly smiling all the time, and happy with little they have that’s that’s hard my teeth are you.

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