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Stretching on one of the seven hills of Istanbul topkapi palace enjoys the sight of the waters that span continents a city within a city almost a country larger than the Vatican City half as big as Monaco top copper is the new Imperial residence of the Ottomans after they settle in Istanbul its construction starts in the second half of the th century during the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror, and continues until the second half of the th century when Sultan Abdul Majid is in power.

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If you wonder why unlike the palaces in Europe top couplet is not an edifice that is meant to be constructed according to a prior architectural design as if it were in every glowing organism it expands throughout these four hundred years in accordance with the increasing population of the palace its population is estimated to have reached as many as five thousand the Imperial walls high, and thick separate the palace from the rest of Istanbul top kapa has a life of its own it is a Palace city situated behind the our met the third fountain the Imperial gate is the outer entrance of this palace city beyond the outer courtyard is the middle gate or the salutation gate away from the eyes of the public the secluded life of top cover takes place behind this gate the gate of bliss is the door leading to the forbidden section of the palace where the Sultan enjoys his private life only the Sultan mounted on his horse can pass the threshold of the gate of bliss the gate of bliss is also the ceremonial gate of the palace sometimes it is the case that some state matters are discussed impromptu in front of this gate important matters though are discussed in the Council of State.

It looks like the grand visor, and the visors are holding a meeting the sultan listens to them without interfering behind a caged window the grand visor submits the results of the meeting to his sovereign in the audience chamber then the Venetian bylaw, and the Swedish ambassador will be accepted to the presence of His Highness during all these visits, and ceremonies on which throne will the Sultan be seated do you think maybe the one widely known as the Shah is my new throne but which is actually a gift from the Iranian Shan idea or the solid golden sovereigns throne leaning with a green tint of the emeralds adorning, and yet again he might choose the Sultan Ahmed throne these Thrones are exhibited in the treasure chamber of the top cup of Palace today in addition to an immense collection of many more items that bring the glamorous past of the Ottoman Empire to our day Saint John the Baptist’s hand preserved in a golden case reaches out from, years ago this elegant.

Jade Bowl is a gift from the russian tsar nicholas ii to abdul hamid prophet osman sword has been lying in its sheath since the th century two candlesticks each weighing kilograms dazzle us with the Diamonds ornamenting them the baby princes are falling asleep in their cradles laden with pearls the world-famous eighty-six karats spoon maker keshiki a diamond is radiating magnificence in its case, and now the sovereign is on his way to visit the harem chamber the harem is full of commotion the white eunuchs are in a hurry to set everything ready for the Sultan the Queen mother greets her son at the gate exclaiming welcome my hero welcome the Sultan of all lands welcome the king of the Seas as the Sultan accompanied with the Queen Mother proceeds towards her private chamber his favorite wives, and the concubines retreat to their rooms with their hearts full of anticipation each hoping that.

The Sultan will choose their company for the night when in the largest chamber of the harem the time comes for the Queen Mother to get drawn to her nightly retirement the Sultan makes his way to his private baths were amid the white marble he will find respite from the pressures of governing the Empire then comes the feast, and the splendid dining hall these walls are laden with paintings of flowers, and fruit in the course of the night the Sultan’s table is vibrating with laughter songs, and live music the young princes are fast asleep now as the dimming lights of the evening blend the motifs on the stained glass with the flower patterns on the China where the fountains in their rooms are turned on one by one in case they wake up, and cry or make noise the sound of the running water will subside their voices.

So the Sultan’s evening of pleasure will go on uninterrupted despite all the efforts to keep top Kappa as a place of uninterrupted pleasure around the s the glamour of the palace starts to fade away when Sultan Abdul Majid moves the dome Abacha a newly constructed palace in the European fashion built by the Bosphorus in the year topkapi palace loses its former popularity, and after housing Sultan’s over a period of years this Palace city is abandoned until with a new Republic of Turkey it is converted into one of the world’s largest, and most widely acclaimed museums, it’s majestic doors are now open to visitors from all over the world who wish to take in the mysterious, and splendid memories of an empire long gone.

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