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Brazil South America’s largest country, and a region of jaw-dropping diversity home to the Amazon and,, species of birds, and mammals from the coastal port of Rio de Janeiro to the Pantanal the largest tropical wetland in the world as to the range of people in Brazil today imagine who might you meet here founded in Salvador da Bahia is one of the oldest cities in the new world it symbolizes the first good contact between the Portuguese, and the local Indians the actual site of first contact is south of Salvador where the Portuguese met a tribe known as the two panini camp the chance to do a little exploration today into the city’s lesser-known shops reveal secrets of their own mr. polo Oh make love attract like the most effective local aphrodisiac you want to ask me anything okay so.

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This is Megan she’s the owner here shop owners are friendly, and the range of product as seen in the nearby sound joe-akim market is impressive here locals will barter with visitors for goods all produced in Brazil market life is packed with the details of day-to-day existence like getting a haircut Salvador’s historic center is the site of the first slave market established in South America many afro-brazilians today trace their ancestry to those transported across the sea to labor in sugar plantations most of these ladies are related somehow to the Gundam black. So though we have the main house is the main tempos the stones used in these churches were quarried in Portugal transported by sailboat four thousand miles across the Atlantic so. This is the France the Franciscans other churches in Salvador’s historic district reward the offerings of the faithful.

I’m very spiritual internally. I always happen. I’ve always believed in positive thinking.

I’ve always believed in maybe because. I haven’t had family, and children, and life hasn’t been easy. I believe that these things to keep the faith well off the beaten path is the och consciente community service centre the goal is to keep children off the streets, and to prepare, and teach them the teamwork, and discipline they will need for the next step in their lives with this foundation of experience the children embrace opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them practicing to perform with a professional circus or training to compete on a Brazilian Olympic team or join an innovative dance company Rio de Janeiro is famous for its picturesque beaches as well as the enormous statue called Christ the Redeemer feet tall the figure is perched atop the peak of Corcovado Mountain watching over the city below what’s awesome is. How did it. How how. How was the wonderful statue.

I really enjoyed the train ride up the the guys were performing for us, and it was just a light poem. I read about you know the slavery, and the Portuguese but it truly is a delight that this country has handled its diversity, and blending. So well, it’s the atmosphere, it’s the people here you have a riot that’s when the adventure starts, and the Amazon from the Amazon River to the bustling markets of Salvador dive into the very best this country has to offer on a sensational adventure across Brazil.

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