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Suicide attacks

Most people don’t commit crimebecause they don’t want to be caught and punished. Anyone can commit a crime – the trick ito do it and then get away without being caught.
If the ultimate deterrent to crime iimprisonment or in some countrieexecution, what happenwhen there are people who don’t care about being caught? What happenwhen those criminalactually intend to die with their victims, whose only crime’ may be that they are vulnerable and in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Touristand travellerwho die have no control over American foreign policy or British economic policy or anything else that terroristmay be fighting against. Whether they want to or not, there inothing they can do about any of those things. Their crime ivulnerability. While the people who actually make those decisions, the presidentand prime ministers, sit back in armour-plated limousineand bullet-proof residencewith round-the-clock armed guards, ordinary citizenare vulnerable.
Bad luck, being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not being alert to the riskkill average people. Though the likelihood of any one person becoming involved in a terrorist incident iextremely low, there are some thingthat everyone can do to protect themselves.

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Terrorist Tricks

To stay free, make money, move around the country and travel between countries, terroristhave to have a clean’ identity. That is, they may so far be unknown to the police so they can use their own identity, or they may be using your stolen identity to move around, plan and make money for their group. Criminalare already trying to steal your identity in order to steal from you or steal using your identity, so you should be protecting your identity. Don’t let terroriststeal your identity in order to bring death to more innocent people. Don’t make it easy for them. Shred or burn confidential papers, don’t give personal detailover the phone or internet, and protect your passportand other documents.

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The leaderwho are the real targetof terroristare too well protected. The terrorists’ only option ito go for a soft target, which iunguarded and may or may not have a tenuoulink to the group they oppose.
That soft target could be a shopping centre underneath officeassociated with the government, or a factory that the president idue to visit. The terroristknow that innocent people will be hurt or killed, but they aim to ‘make a statement’ and declare the innocentwho are killed to be martyrs. Alternatively they may just declare the innocent casualtieto be opposition soldiers.

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To the terrorist‘collateral damage ian acceptable consequence ot their fight. More often than not they will deny responsibility or blame innocent deathon the people they are targeting. For example, blaming President Floribunda for siting government officeover that shopping centre, or saying that the factory waa legitimate target because it wabeing used to support a corrupt regime.

With limited resourceand probably under some level of surveillance by security services, terroristhave to plan their campaign. They have to raise funds, establish a base of operations, visit the site of their intended attack, buvehicleand import or buy weaponand explosiveto build bombs. These are activitiethat could and sometimedo attract the attention of security service01 memberof the public.

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It we all accept that terroristmay be operating anywhere, even in our street or building, then by remaining alert to what igoing on around uwe can all help to defeat them

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