Travel Advice And Advisories For Hong Kong

Telephone bomb threat

All procedureshould be written, checked, signed off and then apart of the management system reviewed regularly. An example telephone bomb threat form followon page212 and 213. Note that it askfor the important information first and givethe call taker time and space to add extra information at the end.


Transport systemare a favourite terrorist target. Because people have easy accesto public transport, so terroristcan easily get in to plant their devices. Stations, portand airportare a hub of activity, which meanthat any explosive will almost certainly kill and injure a lot of people, no matter when it goeoff, awell adisrupting life for an entire city. Stay alert.

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Travelling – countermeasures

Be aware of any unattended bag, case or package wherever you see it. They have been left on seats, in luggage stores, under seats, in luggage racks, on platformor on concourses. If you do see something unattended, report it to a uniformed member of staff. Make sure that they know exactly what it iand where it is, then move away. It iprobably just an innocent bag that someone haforgotten, but it might be something more sinister.

During a high alert, if you see an unattended bag on a train or buand you are between stops, I would loudly ask who ownthe bag. If the owner standup to claim it – no problem. If everyone denieall knowledge I would ask again. If it’still not claimed I would consider voicing my suspicionand suggest that everybody move away afar apossible from the bag. I would then report it to a member of the crew immediately, again making sure to say exactly what it iand where it is. Describing a red rucksack with the word HIKER sewn in large blue letteron the top, left on the rack above the third row of seaton the platform side of the train’ ia lot better than reporting a suspicioubag’.

Travel Advice And Advisories For Hong Kong Photo Gallery

When flying, where possible blog yourself onto direct flights.

Because airportare a potential terrorist target. r Direct flightwill reduce your exposure to riskat and around airports.

Direct flightmean that you take maximum advantage of British airport security. If you have to wait for hourin a remote third-world airport and then fly on one of their aircraft, there may be no security protecting you.

Flying direct takeyou to where you want to be, so your security enquirieare not complicated by potential trouble at stopover locations.

Avoid going to, stopping at or transferring to different aircraft and carrierat high-risk destinationadefined by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

When at any airport get away from the potentially risky public area of an airport asoon ayou can. Check in, blog your luggage in and then go through to the departurelounge. Strict controland security procedurein force there mean that the departure lounge should be one of the safest placefor an ordinary citizen in any country in the world,

When you arrive at your destination, try to leave the airport asoon ayou can. The airport ia potential terrorist target and therefore a high-risk area, so you should leave it without delay.


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