Travel Guide to Madikwe South Africa African wildlife

Blazing Sun sets vast landscapes spectacular waterfalls, and raging rivers above all stunning Wildlife Africa is a photographer’s paradise join me Robin Taylor as we track new footprints in this fascinating continent our arrival was heralded by a violent, and spectacular early morning storm it had been chasing our nature link flight all the way but thanks to our pilot Chris’s skill we managed to sneak into.

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Jackie to history of ahead of it as we landed the heavens open but within minutes the storm moved on leaving me a clear, and fresh Jackie’s campaigner madikwe game reserves a mere minutes flight northwest of our johannesburg base it was a beautiful morning as we decided to drive straight out head on to Jackies promulgated as late as madakari was the scene of one of the largest animal relocation programs in.

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Africa with over animals being moved into the reserve species that had originally been resident in the area including elephant lion zebra giraffe rhino, and numerous others like the elusive, and endangered wild dog one of the decrees of many success stories after nearly hiccup when several of the original dog immigrants died of disease the population has thrived with various PACs now operating the reserve one of the most successful of the large predators wild dogs like most carnivores spend a considerable time just resting hunting is an exhausting business but it only takes an intruder like this jackal to bring them fully alert by sayin pictus painted wolves are mainly diurnal hunters the fact that this trio is relaxing would indicate that they have killed recently are sated time we had a break.

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Travel Guide to Madikwe South Africa African wildlife Photo Gallery

So we’re finally heading to kami access to Jackies which is across the fruit marika river is by rather precarious looking suspension bridge more than two people on it makes its wing quite fun the rooms are a sort of combination of tent, and room very large built of stone with canvas walls, and thatch rules very individual in original magnificent built-in baths outdoor shower fireplace for the cruel winter evenings, and dick to laze away the hot summer days.

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The main lodge is built of local stone wood, and thatch the interesting furnishings, and finishes are all indigenous natural materials open-plan all around but with nooks, and crannies, it’s extremely comfortable, and cool in the heat just time for us all to relax a little before setting out for an evening safari at this time of the day just parking off at a waterhole is a good bit there’s always plenty of activity the elephants here are being very tolerant they normally don’t like sharing their water, and often chase other species away.

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