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Safety on the Road. Some Reminders for the Vacation Traveller

Always wear your seat-belt, and make sure that your passengers wear theirs.

Note: Compensation for injury may be reduced by up to 50% if seat-belts are not worn.

Change the brake fluid in your car at least every two years.

This vitally important fluid tends to lose its effectiveness in the course of time as a result of condensation of water, dust and chemical decomposition.

Change yourtires when the depth of tread is reduced to 2 mm (0 08 inch).

Tires must have enough depth of tread to get a good grip on the road and hold the car steady even on a wet surface. In the case of wide sports tires, with their long waterchannels, a 3-mm (0-12-inch) tread is advisable.

You will see better, and be more easily seen, if your car lights are functioning properly.

It is important, therefore, to check your sidelights and headlights regularly. This can be done even without getting out of the car. When you stop at traffic lights in front of a bus or truck you can see whether your rear lights and brake lights are working from the reflection on the front of the other vehicle, and you can check up on your headlights and front indicators in your own garage or in a shop window.

When driving at night on wet roads you should stop in a parking place every 50 or 100 km (30 or 60 miles) and clear your headlights and rear lights.

Even the thinnest coat of dirt on the glass reduces the strength of your headlights by half, and a heavy coating may reduce their output by as much as 90%.

The best place for fog lights is on the front bumper.

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