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Turku to Uusikaupunki. Road 8 runs via Raisio and Mynamaki to Laitila; 18 km (12 miles) SW on Road 198 is Uusikaupunki (Swedish Nystad), a port and commercial town (pop. 12,000) on the Gulf of Bothnia with a large granite-working industry. The town was founded during the reign of Gustavus Adolphus in 1616. The treaty of Nystad which ended the Nordic War and gave Russia possession of Ingermanland, Estonia, Livonia and part of Karelia was signed here in 1721 (monument in market square, erected 1961). In Town Hall Square is the New Church (1863); the Old Church (1629) now houses a small museum of cultural history. Attractive boat trips to the offshore islands. 7 km (4 miles) S of the town is the fine old manor-house of Sundholm. A road runs N via Pyharanta and continues following close to the coast, to Rauma. The Seven Churches Route. An attractive round trip taking in seven old churches. Leave Turku on the Pori road (No. 8). 7 km (4 miles) from the middle of town, before the turning for Naantali, the 14th c. stone church of Raisio is passed on the left. 10 km (6 miles) farther on is the little stone church of Masku. To the SW is Kankainen Castle. 4-5 km (3 miles) beyond Masku is Nousiainen, with an old stone church 3-5 km (2 miles) off the road to the N E. Turning left into a road signposted to Askainen, after 7 5 km (5 miles) comes Nyynainen. 1-5 km (1 mile) SW is Lemu church. 8 km (5 miles): Askainen, with an old stone church. 2 km (H miles) W, on the coast, is the estate of Luohisaari, birthplace of Marshal Mannerheim. The road continues S from Askainen; then a ferry to the much indented island immediately to the S. 11 km (7 miles): Merimasku, at the northern tip of the island, with a wooden church (1726).-4 km (2miles) beyond Merimasku is a road junction; continuing straight ahead (15 km 10 Interior of Rymattyla church miles) is Rymattyla, with a 15th c. church (wall paintings). The road to the left at the junction is the return route to Turku. In 1-5 km (1 mile) it crosses a bridge on to the island of Luonnonmaa and cuts across the island, passing Kultaranta Castle (1 5 km (1 mile) to left), to the 200 m (220 yd) long Ukku Peka Bridge (1934). 6 km (4 miles): Naan tali, from which it is 17-5 km (11 miles) back to Turku via Raisio.

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