Trip From Andes to Patagonia

In Chile, and Argentina the peaks of the Andes pierced the sky serene Lakes mirror the mountains, and glaciers bamba’s of Patagonia span the southern reaches of both countries the tango is danced with elegant sensuality in sophisticated cities, and fascinating cultures spring from a history filled with dramatic twists, and turns on this adventure. You’ll experience the region’s diverse landscapes, and witness an array of colorful wildlife our T’s small group size allows us to go beyond the tourist track exploring the region’s hidden gems, and meeting the people who call it home all on a discovery filled itinerary offered at an unbeatable value you can improve the value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions head for Chile’s Atacama Desert the driest place on earth explore the bustling city of Santiago Chile, and the mysterious moai of Easter Island, and venture into Argentina’s jungle to experience the powerful iguazu falls from your hometown.

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You’ll set out on a journey of discovery we fly from the u. s. to Buenos iris we will join our resident trip leader for our journey through the mountains plains, and cities of Argentina, and Chile after an in-depth introduction to Buenos itís the birthplace of the tango we flied to body Luce to discover the picturesque scenery, and Alpine flavor of the Andes from there we experience traditional Chilean life on the island of chill away, and the lakeside city of puerto varas then fly to Punta Arenas to witness the stunning landscapes of torrid alpine, and lago grey finally we transfer to calif explose class yaris National Park before we return to Buenos Aires on this adventure. You’ll delve into the history, and culture of your destination will experience the unique culture of chido a island which diverged from the mainland more than years ago, and enjoy European influenced cuisine, and architecture in Buenos Aires, and bariloche we’ll learn more about the culture, and traditions of the indigenous mapuche, and share a traditional Patagonian meal, and we’ll take in the incredible sights in Chile, and Argentina on nature walks, and wilderness treks through its famous national parks for the mountains of tourists at Pine to the waterfalls of Vicente Paris or solace to the towering perito moreno glacier in las gracias as you explore our expert resident trip leaders will enrich your understanding of the region since all our trip leaders live in the region they serve they offer a wealth of authentic insight on local life Alex he conveys great passion about his country about his community, and about his culture, and and that makes it, it’s in our trip very possible while in South America.

You’ll dine on freshly prepared regionally inspired meals your trip leader will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties. You’ll enjoy the chance to sample local foods in a variety of settings from authentic restaurants to popular local spots, and more your accommodations have been selected to reflect the beauty of your surroundings, and to offer welcome amenities each stay on your adventure offers a place to relax refresh, and mingle with your fellow travelers after a day of discovery, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip you can also head for the oasis town of San Pedro in the world’s driest desert the Atacama discover. How people have lived here for thousands of years as you explore this striking landscape from flamingos at the chakala goon to ancient rock art in the Rainbow Valley marvel at the surprising diversity of the most arid terrain on earth you can explore historic Santiago the capital of Chile then fly over the Pacific Ocean to Easter Island home to the Rapa Nui people, and nearly mysterious massive monoliths called moai, and discover the tropical side of Argentina on our expedition to iguazu falls venture deep into the verdant iguazu jungle to discover its abundant flora, and fauna, and witness the power of the mighty iguazu falls from both Argentina, and Brazil from towering glaciers snow-capped mountains, and flowering plains to alpine cities rustic farms, and an island from another time the lands of Patagonia, and the Andes offer endless delights. So join Oh in South America to discover the wondrous landscapes, and welcoming cultures of Chile, and Argentina.

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