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Maui Small-Group Molokini Snorkel and Green Sea Turtle Adventure from Maui

Maui is known for it’s incredible reefs. So today we’re gonna dive on in and do a snorkeling adventure. This post we’re gonna go out and we’re going to snorkel at the world famous Molokini Crater. And getting there really fast cause we’re one of the faster boats. Let’s put on my foot extensions. Whoop whoop whoop. Let’s do this! Oh! Ooh! Wow! Oh there’s so many fish! The coral is awesome, its huge! Like there’s these big things that look like cauliflower and I love it! Woo! Now we’ve come around the other side and this is a reef wall. Josh, we need to hop on in. 300 feet deep. The elevator in the back wall of the crater makes it really enjoyable. You go up and down with the swells.

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So you kinda get this ride. Its really cool. Snorkeling works up an appetite. Gotta fill up. Got one more dive to go. My favorite part was the sea turtles and they were this big. They were huge. All the sudden this sea turtle came towards me and it swam right underneath me. They move so fast. But best of all I got to see a Whitetip reef shark. I swam with sharks. Now we have to head back to shore. And dry off. Woo! The boat ride home was just the cherry on top. We we’re going through all these waves and water was splashing. Everyone was soaking wet. It was like you we’re whitewater rafting. This is an ultimate experience. A must do in this incredible incredbile island.

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Maui Small-Group Tour Luxury Haleakala Sunrise Experience

We’re up super early today in Maui. But it’s for a good reason. We’re gonna experience a sunrise from a famous volcano. Now we have a bit of a drive. Gonna put my seat back a little bit, close my eyes, and get ready to see the sunrise. So we’re up here at the top of Haleakalā. We’re up really, really high so the temperature drops a lot so you have to dress warmly to see sunrise here in Maui. I didn’t expect the clouds the way they are. They’re like fluffy cotton pillows. They’re pretty cool. Ah, this is miraculous. The sun is rising. I’ve never ever seen a sunrise quite like this. It’s perfect. What a great way to start the day.

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I was a little wary waking up so early, but I’m so glad I did. So we’ve come up here to the summit of Haleakalā. When I woke up this day, I was at sea level. Now we’ve come up 12,000 feet. It’s magnificent up here. I literally feel like I’m on top of the world. The clouds are below me. It’s just me and the sun. Nothing else in between. We’re up here at the Ka’eleku Outlook and I feel like I’m on another planet. Like I’m on Mars or something. These little craters and stuff. This is superb. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. This has been such a spectacular day here in Maui. And now we’ve worked our way down the mountain. We get to look at these beautiful flowers, and enjoy a hearty breakfast.

Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise and Royal Lahaina Luau Combo

Tonight we’re in for a treat. I’ve got live music, good food, and great views aboard this sunset dinner cruise, at the Royal Lahaina Luau. We’re just taking off. Lahaina looks so pretty from the ocean. This is so much fun. We get to dine Al Fresco at the top of the boat. Beautiful views and there’s a rainbow. You can’t beat that, you really can’t. We’re celebrating our honeymoon, she’s the love of my life and we deserve a vacation like this. Definitely going to come back soon. Yes. Oh, these are the last few moments of the sunset and it is so breath taking, just gorgeous. The Royal Lahaina Luau is so popular, It books up weeks in advance, this place is packed.

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It’s going to be tons of fun. Thank you. Okay, I’ve got my drink, it’s time to eat. Cool, wow they have a ton of food here. Have a little bit of chicken. You can’t beat true Hawaiian Luau cuisine, mmm. We are going to party tonight! Whoo! The fire baton twirl, that was awesome. Anybody that comes to Maui and doesn’t see this show is missing out. Come on, let’s give them all a big round of applause. Absolutely awesome, the costumes, the food, the dancing, everything. It was a perfect night. That was so mush fun. Just what I needed here in Maui, a true Hawaiian Luau.

Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise

Tonight we’re in for a treat! I’ve got live music, good food, and great views aboard this Sunset Dinner Cruise. We’re just taking off, behind it looks so pretty from the ocean. So much good food to look forward to. I’m really excited! When you’re on vacation you’ve gotta eat, and you’ve got to eat well. That’s what I say. This is so much fun. We get to dine alfresco at the top of the boat. Beautiful views, and there’s a rainbow! You can’t beat that! You really can’t. We’re celebrating our honeymoon. She’s the love of my life and we deserve a vacation like this. Definitely gonna come back soon. These are the last few moments of the sunset and it is so breath taking, just gorgeous. Hi there. Hi. A Maui Sunset, please. Coming right up. I’ve already seen one sunset, it’s time for another. The food was delicious, the company was fun, the music was great. We just had a blast, I would do it again in a minute. The sun has set but the night’s not over yet! .

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