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We near the end of our tour at the display house with all the neat background information which is definitely worth the fifteen to thirty minutes needed to look through it all – if for no other reason than to get the scoop on the Hall of Records hidden behind the monument.

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Plus it’s interesting to see the grand plans versus the reality which Mother Nature and natural faults put in place to limit the original design into the more fitting (and pleasing) end result.

Giving a quick goodbye to George, we finish our High Octane tour as it starts warming up – with a promise of possibly getting above 70° finally!

Most have disappeared altogether, including the galliot Maxamillion Frederick, lost in 1800, and the schooner Caladonian of Montrose which foundered on the northern tip of Northern Hares in 1802. In 1812 the Humber Packet foundered on Humber Rock, just west of the lighthouse (giving the rock its name). An unknown vessel was wrecked in 1852, as was the Aid of Newcastle in 1853, the schooner William in 1864 and the 55-ton ketch Pallas in 1901. The steam trawler Patopiqa was lost in 1913, the woodenhulled 478-ton Norwegian steamer Valhal, built in 1890 and owned by A/S Valhal, Haugesund, was wrecked on 15 November 1914, while transporting coal from Blyth to Haugesund in Norway, and another vessel, among others that came to grief, was a steam trawler on naval duties in 1918. Only the remnants of three ships remain as jumbled wreckage: the steamer Chris Christensen lies off the southern tip of Longstone in 32 metres and was identified by Selby Brown, who discovered the wreck by accident many years ago. Selby, originally from Newcastle, spent some time researching the ship and is responsible for sharing her location with many other grateful visiting divers. The Chris Christensen was a steel-hulled 1,461-ton Danish steam cargo vessel measuring 76.25 m in length, with an 11.32-m beam and 5.48-m draught.

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