Vacations In Central America

Making our way through Montana, like most of the trip, I was relegated to grab shots along the way where the camera is aimed in the general direction of the passing train, neither of us stopping, where with a hope-and-a-prayer something usable hits the sensor.

Vacations In Central America Photo Gallery

Side Note: This was not taken on the trip, but it’s to answer the uninitiated question, Why all the worry about train registry numbers? Because it becomes like a bird book for the Audubon folks -only better – because you can track the travels of a unit across the country and your own journeys as you cross paths, which becomes semi-addictive in a Where’s Waldo sort of way.

Because earlier in the year, this same unit passed through our home town of Vancouver, Washington with a coal drag, likely out of the Montana region as seen in this image I snapped while lurking about back home.

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