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Not everyone sleeps soundly in the wilderness at first. If you’ve spent time in nature and/or camping out previously, it probably won’t require too much of an adjustment. For a beginner, though, there are lots of unfamiliar sounds, and one’s imagination and fears can sometimes run wild. It can also be extremely quiet at times, and for some urban dwellers used to noisy surroundings the silence can initially be unsettling.

Don’t assume that you’ll have trouble sleeping, but if you do, rest assured that it will most likely be a short-lived problem. There’s a good deal about the natural world that’s beautiful, relaxing, soothing, and conducive to sleep. Some wilderness campers even discover the deepest, most restful, most satisfying sleep of their lives.

If you’re getting lots of exercise during the day and tiring your body out, the probability that you’ll sleep soundly at night is even higher. The only possible exception would be if you overdo it to such an extreme that your body is overtired, sometimes creating the opposite effect.

If you haven’t been involved in much physical activity on the trip and sleep isn’t coming easily, use this as a cue to schedule more active exercise. Take a long walk or find some other kind of physical pursuit to engage in for at least part of the day.

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In 1677, to seal a treaty with Charles II, William married his niece Mary, the eldest daughter of James II by his first wife Anne Hyde. Virginia Beach Map Mary had been born in St. James’s Palace, April 30, 1662, and had been educated as an English Protestant gentlewoman rather than a potential queen. Happy in the Netherlands, William and Mary’s world changed in 1688, when the birth of James II’s son, potentially a Catholic king, prompted disgruntled English politicians and nobles to invite William to come to England to take the throne. Although the military and Parliament supported William, he was unwilling to accept the throne as a conquest, nor did he wish to rule as a prince consort by right of his wife. Instead, Parliament invested them jointly as king and queen. They responded with the Declaration of Rights, which limited the power of the monarch and served as a model for the later Country Bill of Rights, and an agreement with the Scottish Parliament to allow Scotland to remain Presbyterian and retain its independent government.

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