Virtually Wired US Map & Phone & Address

55 Temple PL, Boston; (617) 542-5555

In the heart of Downtown Crossing, Virtually Wired offers access to the Internet, including the much-bally-hooed World Wide Web, for a simple donation of $5. In fact, they offer bus tours (a VW bus, perhaps?) for the technologically uninitiated. Volunteer instructors will show you how to use the equipment and show you what’s available for exploration. All this for five bucks? Believe it This is a non-profit organization, so of course they won’t say no if you’re inclined to pay more (and don’t be a road-hog, now). At the time of this writing, six computer stations (all donated) were connected to the highspeed phone link. You’ll be driving in the fast lane of the Infobahn in no time.

Virtually Wired also offers low-cost classes for the computer-challenged. Two-hour sessions cost $25. Anyone who’s priced computer education courses will recognize this as a bargain. Classes include Introduction to Computers, Tech Tips, and Building Web Pages. Virtually Wired is open 11 a.m. to 6 P.M. Mondays through Saturdays.


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