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My name is Aziz kabiri and I am a tour director for oil tea on the Morocco Sahara Odyssey. I was born, and raised in the medina pest in Morocco, and it is a step back into ancient history into space, and time, and then once you go through one of the gateways actually you are back into the th, and th century it is a maze, and it’s made out of alleyways, and alleyways at the dance you can turn round in circles when I was five years old.

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I used to run away, and they used to get lost starts crying somebody is gonna grab me, and put me back where everyone. So so. This is where.

I do the country is not big it is the size of Texas, and if you move kilometers the scenery is going to look completely different, and that we have everything can imagine. I mean Morocco has got their green lamp a very arable land, and one of the most beautiful regions in the country is the the the children Valley, and the deadest Valley, and these valleys are all along the high atlas mountains we go visit families, and we have home hosted meals, and then the the travelers get to meet with the people talk to the people, and learn about the entry from the people themselves come join up with us we’re looking forward to welcoming you into Morocco.

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