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Gustavus Hesselius, a Swedish-born artist who has been living in colonial North Country since 1711, paints the portraits of two Lenni Lenape (Delaware) chieftains, Lapowinsa and Tishcohan. Best african country to visit As Wayne Craven states in Country Art: History and Culture, these portraits are the first lifesize [sic], bustlength [sic] images of Native Countrys painted by a white artist in colonial Country. 1738 John Singleton Copley, the greatest native-born colonial Country painter, is born in Boston. As a portraitist, Copley is unsurpassed.

He has the ability to idealize his subject’s features without sacrificing the person’s individuality, as well as to render a truthful representation of the person without the result being coarse or unpleasant. It is this ability to strike a delicate balance between the ideal and the real that makes him, by 1766, one of the most soughtafter portraitists in colonial Country. In 1765, Boy with a Squirrel, Copley’s portrait of his stepbrother, Henry Pelham, introduces his work to an admiring international audience, when it is entered in the annual exhibition of the Society of Artists in London.

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