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Budget flights are increasingly common and have come to rival trains for afford able and convenient continental travel. Student travel agencies sell cheap tickets, and budget fares are frequently available in the spring and summer on high-volume routes between Northern Europe and areas of Greece, Italy, and Spain; consult budget travel agents and local newspapers. For info on cheap flights from Britain to the continent, see Traveling from the UK, 40.

The Star Alliance European Airpass offers low Economy Class fares for travel within Europe to more than 200 destinations in 43 countries. The pass is available to transatlantic passengers on Star Alliance carriers, including Air Canada, Aus trian Airlines, BMI British Midland, Lufthansa, Mexicana, Scandinavian Airlines System, Thai Airways, United Airlines, and Varig, as well as on certain partner air lines. Prices are based on mileage between destinations.

In addition, a number of European airlines offer coupon packets that consider ably discount the cost of each flight leg. Most are available only as tack-ons to their transatlantic passengers, but some are available as stand-alone offers. Most must be purchased before departure, so research in advance.

Austrian Airlines: US ®800-843-0002; europe_airpass.html. European Airpass” available in the US to Austrian Airlines trans atlantic passengers (min. 3 cities; max. 10). Prices based on distance.

BMI: Discover Europe Airpass permits travelers to change departure dates and times allowing for flexible travel among any of 25 European destinations. Europe by Air: US ®888-387-2479; Coupons good on 30 part ner airlines to 150 European cities in 30 countries. Must be purchased prior to arrival in Europe. US$99 each, excluding airport tax. Also offers 15- and 21-day unlimited passes; USS699-899.

Iberia: US ®800-772-4642; Europass allows Iberia passengers fly ing from the US to Spain to tack on additional destinations in Europe.

KLM/Northwest: US ® 800-800-1504; Passport to Europe, available to US transatlantic passengers, connects 90 European cities (3-city min. 12- city max.). US$100 each.

John Palma directs the first public concert in Philadelphia. When Best countries to visit in september the second concert is given, George Washington attends. 1758 Pennsylvania signs a peace treaty with the Best countries to visit in september Shawnee and the Delaware. The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Philadelphia, trains slaves in singing the Psalms. The French retreat from Fort Duquesne. As they leave, they burn the fort down. Now under British control, a better fort is built in the same place, named Fort Pittsborough, or Fort Pitt, in an area today known as Pittsburgh. This region is of great importance, because whoever controls the fort also controls the trade that goes through it, which affects the northeastern parts of the Mississippi valley and surrounding areas. British colonial commander George Washington surrenders to the French at Fort Necessity in southwestern Pennsylvania. The British build Fort Bedford in south-central Pennsylvania. The first school for black children is founded in Philadelphia.

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