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Leikanger (Leikanger Fjord Hotell, 95 camp site) and Hermansverk (Sognefjord Turisthotell, 100 SB) combine to form the chief place of Sogn og Fjordane county. They are located in a fertile region and have a large fruit harvest. Leikanger has a 13th c. stone church. To the S, there is a magnificent view up the Aurlands-fjord.

The Aurlandsfjord is a southern offshoot of the Sognefjord, a cleft in the mountains 1-5 km (1 mile) wide, flanked by rock walls rising to 900-1200 m (2900-3900 ft). Aurlandsvangen (Ryggjatun Pensjonat, 80 Aurland Fjordstue, 45 b.), administrative hub of the commune of Aurland, has the oldest stone church in the region (c. 1200). Nearby is Undredal church (only 3-7 m (12 ft) wide, with seating for 40), a stave church (altered about 1700). Tothe S of

Aurlandsvangen, surrounded by high mountains at the S end ofthe fjord, lies the tourist resort of Flam (Fretheim Hotel, 140 Heimly Lodge, 67 camp site), at the mouth of the FISm valley. This is the terminus of the Flam railway, a branch line of the Bergen railway. The western branch of the Aurlandsfjord is the Naeroyfjord, hemmed in by almost vertical rock faces, so that during the winter months the sun never reaches the bottom of the fjord. At its SW tip is Gud-vangen (Gudvangen Hotell, 46 camp site). Near here is the Kjelsfoss waterfall. From here, E68, joined at Vinje by Road 13 from Vik, runs via Voss to Bergen.

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