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0.0 This hike starts on the Little Vermilion Lake Trail on the east side of County Road 424, opposite the parking area. The trail ascends a short distance along the south edge of a recently logged area. In 425 feet, you come to a self-serve permit registration box.

0.5 Cross the bridge over the Echo River. About 100 feet beyond the bridge pass the Echo River Trail on the right by continuing straight ahead on the Little Vermilion Lake Trail.

0.8 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike; leave the Little Vermilion Lake Trail and turn left onto the Dovre Lake Loop. In about 300 feet, cross a small stream on boulders and ascend through aspens, white birches, and maples.

0.9 Overlook of beaver pond. The stream flowing from this pond is a tributary of the Echo River. Jack and red pines occupy the overlook. Just beyond the overlook is a stand of red pines with scattered jack pines. Oaks gradually become more frequent and cairns mark the trail where it crosses rock outcroppings.

3.3 Dovre Lake can be seen through the trees on the left side of the trail.

3.4 A view of the lake through the trees where the trail turns right, away from the lake, and heads south back to the Little Vermilion Lake Trail.

4.0 Pass a meadow bog on the left side of the trail. Water from this bog flows north to Little Vermilion Lake.

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