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According to a generally accepted opinion the beach of bull is one of the most beautiful croatian beaches it lies in the middle of the west coast of the island the specialty then slot near odd in other words the Golden Horn is that its shape looks like a huge tongue stuck in the sea which even moves affected by wind, and waves it appears to lick the water the houses of the small town of bull were built a white stone with red roof tiles among them the Gothic Summer Palace the Renaissance castle, and the Gothic church are particularly worth mentioning several hundred pictures of Croatian.

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Artists inspired by the sea are exhibited in the castle the altarpiece is the creation of Tintoretto Roman, and illyrian monuments were found in the settlement the remains of the Doan swimming pool of the Roman age, and the villa rustica are easier to reach while those of the illyrian fortress are more difficult the port of bull is readily visited by sailors roaming among the islands many people are held back from sailing by the prospective costs but for those not prone to seasickness, it’s worth getting on a sailboat we don’t have to buy an exorbitant yacht, and take care of its winter storage, and repair.

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It’s not necessary to take a sailing exam though, it’s possible if we don’t have a qualified friend we can rent a boat together with the staff the costs can be split by a group of six to eight people.

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So the holiday won’t cost more than renting an apartment on one hand such a trip can mean diversity compared to a common vacation while on the other we.

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Can find such health, and fishing resorts which couldn’t be reached otherwise in two weeks we can visit numerous islands, and ports, and discover thousands of wonders of this assignment world we can have dinner in a different restaurant every evening getting to know ever newer flavors of the dalmatian cuisine you.

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