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Located on the northwest tip of South America, between Venezuela, Brazil, and Panama, Columbia is the fourth-largest country in South America, and the only one with coasts on both the Pacific and Caribbean. The country is filled with dramatically beautiful rainforests, mountains and beaches, wild and exotic plants, trees, animals, and dark haired tight bootie Calenas. The official language is Spanish.

Cali has a population of 2.3 million, situated in southwestern Colombia on the Cali River. The city was established in 1536 by Sebastian de Benalcazar, and is a major industrial and commercial centre. The city is famous for its gorgeous women and delicious food, like pandebono, empanada and exotic fruits like chontaduro and borojo. It is well known throughout Colombia and many parts of South America as a major center of salsa dancing. Located 3° north of the Equator, the weather in Cali is very tropical, with hot, sunny days punctuated by intense storms.

If it is beaches and warm Caribbean waters you are after, not far from Cartagena, home to crystal clear waters and magnificent reefs. There is abundant marine life, perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving alike. The busiest season is Dec-Feb, when Columbians take their vacations. Hotels can fill up so plan ahead. Also, make sure you don’t go on one of Cali’s 3-day weekend events. Everyone leaves town.

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Climate :

Both mountainous and spotted with the rainforest, the temperature varies very little year round, since it’s so close to the equator. Rainfall is moderate and the mean annual temperature varies between 19°C and 24°C, depending on the elevation.

Entry Requirements :

U.S. Passport must be valid 3 months beyond intended stay, tickets and Documents for return or onward travel. No visa is required for your stay up to three months. Departure tax is $23. For business travel, you need to get a visa and contact the embassy.

Here’s the url: ( U.S. visa requirements ( or Colombian visa information that is available through any of the Colombian consulates around the US and the world. (

Airlines :

Colombia’s national airline is Avianca (AV). British Airways and Avianca each operate flights, Monday to Saturday, to Bogota. During the summer season, British Airways only operate flights Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Other airlines flying to Colombia include American Airlines, Air France, Continental Airlines and Iberia. However, as with Avianca, some may not fly directly there but with other airlines as part of a Code Share agreement.

Most visitors fly to Colombia’s major international airport in Bogota; the other international airports include Cartagena and San Andres. Approximate flight times: From London to Bogota is 11 hours 45 minutes, from Los Angeles is 10 hours 30 minutes, from New York is 6 hours 30 minutes. Cali (CLO) is 10 miles from the city.

All air tickets purchased in Colombia for destinations outside the country are liable to a total tax of 15 per cent on one-way tickets and 7.5 per cent on return tickets.

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