Capone Foods US Map & Phone & Address

Capone Foods US Map & Phone & Address

• 14 Bow St. Somerville; (617)629-2296

Capone Foods supplies the pasta for many fine Boston restaurants roughly four to five thousand pounds every day pleasing about 15,000 people! This Union Square gem offers fresh and inventive pastas and sauces, combined with first-rate service and reasonable prices.

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Some two dozen varieties of fresh pasta are usually available, most priced at $2.50 a pound. Purists will appreciate the egg or spinach pastas, but adventurous types may opt for more exotic flavors like squid ink or red wine. Capone also makes fourteen types of ravioli, from cheese ($3.25 a pound) to the much lauded eggplant ($3.95). Plus five kinds of gnocchi (all at $2.65 a pound) and tortellini, too. bridge premises. You’ve never seen this much raw poultry in one place before. The prices are definitely right: A recent visit found chicken broilers, roasters, and friers at 990 per pound; chicken breasts were just $1.59 a pound ($2.99 boneless). Just 890 will get you a pound of chicken legs or thighs; a pound of wings is $1.09. If you’re making soup, chicken necks and backs go for a mere 290 and 150 a pound, respectively.

“Poultry” includes lots of other birds besides chicken: Turkey is $1.09 a pound, or $1.99 a pound for ground turkey. Cornish hen, duck, and even rabbit (well, people do say it tastes like chicken) are also sold here, at slightly higher prices. Of course there are also eggs ($1.47 for a dozen jumbo size). The staff at Mayflower will cut your birds up for free. Talk about factory-direct it doesn’t get any fresher than this, folks. Open Mondays through Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 4:30 P.M. (Fridays until 5 P.M.).

Pick up a pound of marinara for $2.50; amatriciana or putanesca sauce is $3.95 a pound. There’s also a selection of international cheeses, gourmet meats, and olives. Capone’s even sells do-it-yourself cannoli kits: $10 gets you twenty large (or forty small) cannoli shells, with a filling mix. Just add the demi-tasse and conversation.

A chart in the store shows you how to mix and match pastas and sauces into “good” or “really good” combinations (with this quality, obviously, you can’t lose). Note that, because of their wholesale activity, the store is only open to the public Wednesdays through Fridays, from 12-5 pm.; also Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 P.M.

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