Cebu Philippines Map With Cities

Vacation Stuff :

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Casinos :

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel Casino

Everything about Waterfront Cebu City Hotel is grand. A sprawling hotel that’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection. There are 12 specialty restaurants and theme bars offering international cuisine, and plenty of choices of buffets.

Table Games

Baccarat, Big and Small, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Stud Poker

Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino

Situated in the historical island of Mactan Cebu, next to the Mactan Cebu International Airport. Just 15 minutes from pristine white beaches, 10 minutes away from the shopping center. It contains 167 deluxe rooms with a spectacular view of the islands.

Table Games

Baccarat, Big and Small, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette

Golf Courses :

Golf is very popular in the Philippines, and home to over 50 golf courses. Because the golf courses were build early last century, the Philippines have some of the oldest fairways in all of Asia.

With designs by Robert Trent Jones, Arnold Palmer, Bernhard Langer and Jack Nicklaus, you’ll find some of best courses in the world.

Golf is not expensive in the Philippines. You pay for a green fee something between $10 and $70 per day, depending on location and the time of the week you play. Many fairways are located in the mountains or at the coast. The friendly climate, the fantastic views, the mountain or sea breezes, gentle people, all these things make the game an unforgettable experience. You’re really enjoy the fulfilling foursomes you’ll be having in Philippines, not to mention you may be playing golf too.

If you are mostly interested in playing Golf and like to stay at a superb beach resort with Spanish ambience, check out new Golf resort Casa del Mar.

Casa del Mar is located in the northwest part of the beautiful island of Cebu, in the charming town of San Remigio, just a 2 hour drive from the Mactan International airport. The resort hotel features condominium style suites, all air-conditioned and facing the sea. Each suite features elegant furnishings including beautifully pattered Italian tile floors. The long natural white sand beach is the place to spend a few hours relaxing or just watching the romantic sunsets.

For some exercise try a round of golf at the Verdemar Golf Club, with its challenging Par 6 and great sea views. Meals are also part of the experience here with a large selection of local and international dishes prepared by French and local chefs. There are many other activities including the Del Mar Dive Center, windsurfer, hobbie cats and inside games such as Billiards and Videoke.

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Diving and Snorkeling :

Cebu is wildly popular for its fantastic diving grounds evidenced by the proliferation of resorts, which offer luxurious accommodations, excellent dive facilities, and the services of competent dive masters and dive guides.

The dive spots around Cebu, Bohol and Negros belong to the best the Philippines have to offer. Some islands are famous for big fish like thresher sharks, manta rays and, if you are lucky, whale sharks. Others offer fantastic coral gardens, steep, often overhanging walls and cliffs, teeming with reef fish. For the full-blown 3-day dive adventure, visit this site for the dive safari travel plans. ( Adventure Sports : Cebu is great for extreme sports as well, as you’re set up for many potential events on the island, including rappelling over series of waterfalls, some overhanging and as high as 30 meters. Try the mountain biking, horseback riding or volcano trekking. (

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