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1920 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 876-9180 This popular Porter Square restaurant/bar features a lots of international beers, all-natural food (much of it homemade), and a cozy atmosphere with a large fireplace. The only drawback is parking, which can be impossible in this area. There is a huge shopping center across the street, but even though the shops are closed at night you may get towed or ticketed there. Mine has warned you.

The menu ranges from politically correct Cantabrigian fare to a world tour. Chuck’s Veggie Peace Burgah ($4.95) is a vegetarian patty of mushrooms, brown rice, oats, cheese, chil-ies, egg whites, and other healthy things, all on a whole wheat bun. Part of the price goes to the 1% For Peace fund.

Spanning the globe, Christopher’s has Yucatan chicken wings ($4.95) marinated in citrus juice and mildly spicy; pasta dinners like whole wheat linguine with broccoli ($7.95); stir-fried vegetables in ginger and garlic ($6.95); and great (yes, beef) burgers. These are large, fresh patties of ground sirloin served on wholewheat buns, with French fries that are thin and crispy. Choose from Cajun, Surfer (sprouts and guacamole, dude), or even Boursin.The beer list is extensive, with brands like Courage, Guinness, and Cambridge’s own Tall Tale Pale Ale on draft. Bottles add forty more brews, from Aass (Norway) to Xingu Black (Brazil). Woodpecker Cider, too. Nice to hang out with in front of that fireplace on a cold winter night. Open seven days til midnight.

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