Classic Ice Cave Experience from Reykjavik

Ice is important to Iceland! It’s right in the name. And today we are learning all about it on an ice cave experience.

Classic Ice Cave Experience from Reykjavik Photo Gallery

So on the way to your first stop, you get access to these touch screens. Now this is like a GPS guide, so every time you hit a point, the guide comes in your ear and tells you the information. Whether it’s about history or geology, it’s incredibly informative. That was a crazy ride! Now let’s go and enjoy the ice cave. The great thing about these crampons is that, we’re going to be able to actually walk on the ice in the ice caves here. This is beautiful! We’re in the belly of Langjökull glacier. So the black lines in the ice here, that’s all volcanic ash from the volcanic eruption in 2010. This little bridge is taking us across a massive crevice that splits the glacier. So it left less than six percent of oxygen, then the light gets in and gets trapped. And it left only the bluish tint.

I am absolutely blown away. It’s massive and it’s gorgeous. You feel like you’re in another world. We just finished at the ice caves and now we’re at our next stop. I can hear it from here. We’re gonna go see some cool waterfalls. It’s amazing seeing the power of this water. It’s hard to believe that we were just on that very glacier. And then we were deep inside seeing all the layers, and now this. It’s gone completely full circle.

From traversing across it’s white terrains, to diving deep into the icy caves, to seeing this, the power behind the glacier. It’s no wonder this is such a perfect spot for visitors in Iceland.

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