Cusco Peru City Sightseeing Tour

Cusco is a lot more than just a stopping point for Machu Picchu. This beautiful city was once the capital of the ancient Incan Empire and there are endless activities to do. And today we’re going on a sightseeing tour that is gonna take us all around this beautiful area. In this tour, we can appreciate the Inca and the Western architecture and also the urban Inca planning of the city. I absolutely love local markets wherever I go. It’s time to have some fun! Salud! It does not get any more fresh than that. It’s incredible. This market is definitely one of my favorite places in all of Cusco. It’s full of color and smiling faces and they have pretty much every type of food you could ever imagine.

Cusco Peru City Sightseeing Tour Photo Gallery

And it’s just an explosion for the senses. This is Qorikancha, the sun temple. And it was the most important temple for the Incan religion. And, if you can imagine, it used to be completely covered in gold. But when the Spanish came, they looted all the gold. But it is still, as you can see, a very beautiful location. We are now in the San Blas neighborhood and this bohemian area is full of artisans and creative people and it’s where they sell all the brightly-colored Peruvian souvenirs. This bustling square right here is the corazon, the center, the heart, of Cusco. And even back in Incan times, this was the most important plaza. This sightseeing tour of Cusco is a great way to get to know the city in a relatively short amount of time.

It’s a lot of fun and the guide is incredible.

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